Interview with Warrior King> about his “Sings like an Angel” World Tour.

Mr. Mark Dyer better known as Warrior King

Mr. Mark Dyer better known as Warrior King

Warrior King has a busy Summer ahead of him; due to the recent success of  part one of his “‘Sings like an Angel” World tour, he is now on the second part and is scheduled to perform in Europe over two months. For the European part of the World Tour he will travel and perform with Turbulence on many of his booked shows, this is fittingly titled: Together As One Tree Tour.

According to a recent Press Release issued by, Lee Abel, Roots Warrior Productions, “Nearly every show venue for the Warrior King “Sings like an Angel” tour, from California to New Orleans, Chicago, Texas, Arizona and Cleveland, were sold-out.

On Saturday June 29th he travels to the MacKenzie Sports Ground, Linden in Guyana for the Caribbean leg of his Summer performances. He has also just returned from a two-week tour of California, having taken on memorable performances at Santa Cruz and Fort Bragg.

Prior to this he spent 10 days in Mexico as part of a promotional tour; a new tour for him as the Mexican crowd are more familiar with foundation artists.

He performs  on the sixth of July, for the second time at this years Summer Jam; a famous Reggae Festival held in Cologne, Germany.

He says he remembers his, “first international performance was in Trinidad” alongside Norris Man. “I think that it was in 2001-2002; at the time I was promoting one of my most popular tracks, Virtuous Woman.”

Warrior King says, “I would have more European dates scheduled now than ever before.”Although most of his time touring outside of Jamaica he feels is taken up in bookings for California. He says, “I think the reason my music is so popular is; I am a genuine person , the vibe is authentic and people can see that the words in my song are divinely influenced by the powers of the most high. People feel a need to listen to this music.”

He has such energy on stage, how does he sustain such health and strength? He says, “being a Vegetarian, the way I feed myself is so important. I am a bit off function at the moment, so I need to make time to rejuvenate, I would drink a lot of Honey and Lime for my voice, as well as this I get some good Root- Tonics made up, which are really good, I also drink lots of fresh water.”

We hear so much about his work in the community. He says, “definitely! I have been involved in youth development projects from the beginning. My aim is to work with kids that are not going to school and try to motivate them. He feels strongly about working for the people. He says I have to be living what I’m saying and demonstrate to the people.”

Would he consider his second album, Hold the faith his most popular to date? It is surprising to hear that he believes it to be one of his most underrated albums. It has such a strong message, the selection of  16 tracks and three bonus tracks tell like a continuous narrative; each song is empowering with beautifully delivered heart warming lyrics. A truly conscious album for the people.

Warrior King says, ” when the mood takes me I write and record my lyrics; 95% of the time I write all my own songs. I also have to give thanks for the support of Vincent Marsh who is one of the Roots Warrior Production team. There have been so many who have helped me along the way, too many to mention in just one interview.”

For recording he has the choice of working with many different producers  and studios which can add certain qualities to the chosen rhythms. He also has a vision of developing his own professional studio sometime in the near future. He says, ” Yeah it will make me work more structured and organized; when Jah give I the works to publish.”

When he started out his singing career he says , “I developed my vocals by studying Garnett Silk‘s voice.”

Many are unaware that Warrior King is also a cousin of the late great Denis Emmanuel Brown. He has worked with a few foundation artists in recent years such as Max Romeo, Beres Hammond and Barrington Levy but, wasn’t really collaborating with them, more like voicing lyrics on their tracks.

He is delighted with the support that he has been receiving from his Roots Warrior Productions company director, Mr. Mark Miller who is his international booking agent. He says, “I am who I am because of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Sellasie I the first, who is the foundation of my life.

When asked about struggles he has met in the music business; Warrior King says, “I have nothing bad to say, everything seems to run smoothly, my management takes care of that.”

Warrior King is scheduled to perform  at 14 other festivals throughout Europe this summer;

On July 13th he performs for the Italian fans at this years Homepage Festival at Parco del Comor, Udine.

He then travels to Portugal for his performance at The Figueira Festival on July the 19th.

August second, he returns to Germany performing at Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbruck.

On August third, he performs in front of his French fans at Pauillac, Northern Bordeaux for this years Reggae Sun Ska Festival.

The next day August fourth, he returns  again to Germany for a performance that evening at The African Music Festival in Emmendingen.

On August the ninth, Warrior King travels to Leibnitz, Austria for the Naturhanfladen Festival.

He also has a couple of preliminary bookings on August 16th and 17th in Copenhagen and then Gothenburg, before returning to Germany for Chiemsee Reggae Festival in Ubersee on August 24th.

On August the 26th he returns to Italy for his performance at Festa di Radio onda d’urto in Brescia.

From there he travels alongside Turbulence to London for two performances  on the 28th and on the 29th at Hootenanny in Brixton, South London.

The next day, August 30th he performs alongside Turbulence at Club Circus in Helsinki Finland, before ending the tour in Germany’s Hamm Summer Festival.










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