Interview with Kingly T as he prepares to return to the motherland.

Titus Whittle better known as Kingly T

Titus Whittle better known as Kingly T

How long did it take you to develop your third studio album?
Kingly T says, “We released my most recent album on May ninth and I spent six months before releasing it on my own T-Dom record label. I was getting it ready while changing to new management. I also continued to work with my producer, Benjamin Jackson who helped me release the new album from his Florida Studio.”
When are you scheduled to perform at Zimbabwe’s More Love Festival? Is this your first time performing here? How much are you looking forward to this performance?

 “We’ll be doing the More Love Festival on October 12th in Harare. Yes, I’m very excited being that it’s the Motherland. It is well known that Reggae fans turn out in great numbers.”  Kingly T will be in South Africa working with the Azania band prior to flying to Zimbabwe. “While I’m in Zimbabwe I also have a small project with a producer who wants to record me on the Callins Riddim, something different while we are there so it should be great.” His show will be in the capital city, Harare and is deemed the biggest reggae bash so far.


Where has been your memorable performance so far this summer and why?
“The first show I did for the home fans to promote the new album, I got to perform all the new songs for the first time and we got an amazing response”, Kingly T said.    

What is your booking schedule like for the rest of the year? Where does the US tour take you (any new locations)?
“Having recently started my US tour at home in Indianapolis, I am ready for my next performance in Michigan on July 26th for the Taste of Kalamazoo.”

Do you have an Asian or European tour lined up?
“No, not yet! not right now. I have to focus a lot of energy on my US tour before we go to Zimbabwe in October”.  We are open to fitting them in though later in the year; my management is working on it.”

So tell us a little bit about your musical career?
“I started playing guitar with live bands in Jamaica in the 90’s with Ninja-force and  I also toured internationally as part of the Rebel Max Band”, Kingly T said. “I have also worked as a guitarist for some top Reggae artists over the years with the backing band Ninja Force, we would play for Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minot, John Holt, Ernie Smith, Sean Paul and I have also backed Bounty Killer and Capelton.”

“I pretty much started writing songs to perform straight away when I moved here to Indianapolis to start recording, he said.”

“My last album which I released in 2010 was called Rock it with me. I also had two hit tracks called ‘Eastward-bound’ and ‘Jah Blessing’. With my first album in 2007 called Unity  for which I received some commercial success.
Who could you say has influenced your vocal style?
Sometimes you really got to express yourself to get where you need to go with the music. I get influence from life no matter where I am. I listen to all kinds of music so that I can pull in many elements to the sound when writing new material. When it comes to singers that have influenced me vocally I would have to say, people like George Benson, and Denis Brown.”


Why have you chosen to reside in Indianapolis?
“Well about nine years ago I moved with my family to pursue my solo career. It is a bit easier to work from where I am and I’m happy here. Not long after I arrived I put my band together and from there I was able to expand the music. I always created demos in the lead up to my solo career.”

How did you initially become involved in the music?
“When I was around nine years old in Jamaica I used to play a little guitar for the pastor of my local church, As I got considerably older I began playing in backing bands and played for many top performers.”


How would you describe your sound?
“Music is just Music to me as long as it has a positive spiritual message which is why I fuse so many different elements from Rock, Soul, Jazz and of course reggae”, Kingly T said.


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One Response to “Interview with Kingly T as he prepares to return to the motherland.”

  1. Massive, Zimbabwe is Ready and people are looking forward to this big event…..Kingly T with Roots Reggae, it will be a first of its’ kind Fest in Zimbabwe.

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