Errol Bonnick: The New Conscious Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae Sensation

E Bonnick ProfileErrol Bonnick is a singer that resonates with those who value quality male vocals. His Roots Lovers Rock style of singing is not unique but what allows him to stand out from the rest is his sincerity and clarity of vision within the creative lyrics. Since initially being inspired by his brother Trevor Bonnick of Blood Fire Posse at the tender age of 17 years he has been able to develop as an artist while going from strength to strength professionally. The valuable support and encouragement that Errol Bonnick received from Mr.Glen Browne of the great family of musicians, song writers and producers has allowed him to forge his own path after being signed as lead vocalist with Knowledge Respect and Unity better known as K.R.U. He was then asked to join the band Live Wyya as lead vocalist when they recognised his talent. His strengthening influence with this group had helped them to achieve a range of music awards which included them as the only group to ever win Jamaica’s Irie FM Big Break competition in 2003.

Errol Bonnicks 2011 debut album “Crusaders for life” available on itunes was produced by stingray records out of the U.K. and features 15 tracks including the hit song of the same name. The song exhibits his depth of vocal pitch thus presenting his heart-warming lyrical style. The song packs a punch which both motivates and inspires the listener. This track is motivational in every sense and also features the sublime baritone vocals of Luciano “ Jah Messenjah” in support of his message. The unique arrangement of sounds on the riddim is deeply soothing and nurturing to the soul. The expressiveness by the duo on this track shows sheer determination and passion for forwarding a clear and empowering message. From the offset the passion in his voice is evident with an absolutely perfect four minutes of sublime strength and emotion expressed by both artists who wonderfully step up to the plate affirming their position. This track fully addresses the human social condition of disempowerment and reassures the listener with great sincerity and purity of vision. The album in its totality shows us the singers evolving spirit of the conquering lion as he forwards on his path creating and developing his repertoire of creating upbeat and uplifting music.



Gift of Life is a wholesome and heartfelt song that reflects on the precious gift of life that the soothing Rasta Rebel projects beautifully through his rootsy, yet lovers rock style of vocals. It is track six on the debut album and for just over four minutes the production of the track is graciously and wonderfully mastered through his resonating lyrics while he humbly reflects on gratitude, the fullest expression of the gift of life.
Sunshine is an awe inspiring song in how it resonates through the listeners’ ears, heart and soul. The root-stepper vibe is a trod that motivates and fills the listener with reassurance and a healthy sense of empowered leadership. Available on itunes within the compilation LP Stingray Roots Showcase volume four, the sincerity felt from the track is one of heartfelt joy and a vision of peace of mind that is wonderfully expressed over the soothing Tamarind Juice riddim.
Never met a woman like this is purely joyous lover’s rock style of reggae music from beginning to end with it’s gentle yet powerful message that instantly puts the listener into a graceful state of being. This lyrical meditation instils great honour and respect for the sanctity of a blessed relationship. It is thoroughly comforting, a solid lovers tune that comforts and nurtures listeners who are devoted to their relationship and at the same time inspiring singletons in how to treat a lover.

Jah Guide is an uplifting and fulfilling song that takes the conscious listener into the heart of the lion trod. The spiritual significance within his elevating Rasta chant lifts one to ever higher planes of consciousness through the empowering lyrics.
The final track on his debut album: Joy of my life is a powerful lover’s tune that affirms his position within a fulfilling relationship. The track is reminiscent of some of the best 70’s soul performances and carries a beautifully subtle gospel harmony in support.

His brand new single Distance produced by Gift on Sound Productions is definitively an emotive tune that captivates the hearts and minds of the listener. Lyrically the tracks narrative runs for just over five and a quarter minutes like a conversation between two lovers. Errol Bonnick steps up to the plate stating his position in the relationship. His soul soothing vocals go deep to the heart of the listener


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